CoinBase Shiba Inu Massive Explosion Taking Place This Week

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Hello my friends! Welcome to my CoinBase Shiba Inu blog post. There are so many good news regarding the Shiba token these days. Not sure if you noticed but it has exploded in the past 24 hours. So what happened is that CoinBase just listed Shib on their platform. This is massive news. I do have to say that there was some confusion about this. Many people thought that Shiba was already listed on CoinBase. But that was not the case. Shiba was actually listed on CoinBase Pro. There is a huge difference between the two of them. Let’s continue with my CoinBase Shiba Inu blog.

There are a lot more people that use CoinBase than CoinBase Pro. This is because CoinBase is more like a simpler platform where everyone can buy tokens. So this are really great news for Shiba. If we look at the market today, we are looking at a 0.63 percent, or more like a total price point of 2.17 trillion dollars. Now, what’s amazing about this is that Shiba is trending number one right now. It’s up a 38% in just the past 24 hours. Now we are looking at a price of 0.000009 which is amazing.

CoinBase Shiba Inu – Important Tweets

CoinBase has put in some good tweets for Shiba, so this is great publicity. This means that people that are learning about Shiba will trust it and invest in it to try it out. They also tweet about how they launched the token on their website, Apple and Android phone apps too. Here is another cool tweet that CoinBase tweeted:

Ladies, if he: Barks a lot, loves his leash, lead an army… Then he’s not your man. He’s Shib, the newest token on CoinBase.

So, there is a lot of positive marketing already going on from the CoinBase platform itself. Not to mention what’s going on outside of CoinBase on social media. This will through away a lot of fud out the window. Some people have talked trash about the Shib token. But this proves that this is a legit coin and CoinBase is backing it up 100%. Notice how all the events that we’ve been predicting with the Shib token have become realities so far. Let’s continue with my CoinBase Shiba Inu blog.

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CoinBase Shiba Inu -Next Few Hours Are Huge!

Now, I do have to mention this. I am writing this blog post right now, on Sep 17, 2021 at around 9AM. But there are more massive news to happen in the next few hours. A lot of other countries are going to start adapting the token. The CoinBase platform is if not the most trusted app to buy and trade crypto. So this is going to have a huge effect al over the world. Remember, we have people on different timezones that don’t know the good news yet.

Not that long Webull and Etoro listed Shiba. We had been talking how CoinBase was going to list it, and here we are. I say this because we know that RobinHood is coming next. So, again, all these things we’ve predicted here in out Shiba Army have happened so far. So get ready because RobinHood is just around the corner. It is very possible that this could happen within a week or so.

Up By 25% In The Last Hour

I’m so exited because I’ve invested a good amount of Shiba Tokens myself. Looking at my phone app right now, I see that is up a 25% in just the last hour alone. So, this is only the beginning of the potential Shiba really has. We are not your meme token any more, but a legit established emerging Alt Coin that is going to hit the moon any time soon. As this are massive news going on as we speak, I personally think that we can knock a zero down in just the next few hours. As I’m not a financial advisor, I will say that you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

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