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  • time management myth folder illustration
    Time Management Myth

    10X- Ch 17/18 The time management myth is something worth discussing.Hello everyone! Thank you so much for being here! But before that, let me start by sharing with you the book that turned my life around right here. Jeff Lerner is the author and now my mentor. Jeff also introduced me to Grant Cardone. I […]

  • burn the place down illustration
    Burn The Place Down

    10X- Ch 15/16 Hello everyone! Thank you so much for being here. Grant Cardone decided to name this chapter burn the place down. Before we get started, I want to share with you the system that allowed me to turn my life around. This is how I got started with my online business. I’m here […]

  • 10X No Middle Class Chapter Book Display
    No Middle Class

    10X- Ch 11/12 Hello everyone and thank you so much for being here. We will be analyzing the 10X no middle class concept. I want to share something very special before we get started. You need to get a copy of ‘The Millionaire Shortcut’. Its written by my mentor Jeff Lerner. Go here and I […]

  • girl reading the 10x Goal
    The 10X Goal

    Ch 9/10 Hello friends! Thank you so much for being here. Before we get started with our The 10X Goal review, let me share this with you. I learned about Grant Cardone thanks to Jeff Lerner. Make sure you get a copy of his book. Go here and I will send you a copy to […]

  • 10X four degrees of action book
    10X Four Degrees Of Action

    Ch 7/8 Hello friends! Thank you so much for being here. We will learn what is the 10X Four Degrees of Action. But, before we get started with this awesome review of this amazing book let me share this with you. So, go here and I will send you a copy to your email right […]

  • 10X success book
    10X Success- Ch 5/6

    Hello online friends! Thank you for being here with me. The 10X success book is a must for you to become successful. I made this review just for you. This is a review for chapters 5 and 6, but please check out my other reviews for the other chapters. We will be talking about being […]

  • opened 10x book
    10X Book- Ch 3/4

    Hello guys! Thanks so much for being here. As you might know, this amazing book will change your life if you embrace the content of it. The 10X book will transform your thinking is such a massive way. I personally used to work at a restaurant and had a mentality of being a server for […]

  • reading the 10x book
    10X Meaning- Ch 1/2

    Hello friends! The 10X book is like my Bible and it will be of so much value to you to become a successful entrepreneur, I promise you. It’s name is the 10X Rule, but I like to call it the ten X 🙂 This book has literally changed my life and it can change yours […]