CashFX Group Latest News – Multiple Fraud Warnings Issued!

cashfx group latest news
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Hey Friends! Thank you for being here with me as I share with you the CashFX Group latest news. In my previous CashFX review I warned people about this company. Besides this company being a clear ponzi scam, they also have multiple fraud warnings from numerous countries. These countries are: The Phillippines, Canada, Panama, The UK, Jersey, Bahamas, New Zealand and Belgium. But now we can add two more countries to take action against CashFX Group. These are Ireland and South Africa.

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CashFX Group Latest News – Irish Warning

So, in this warning the Central Bank of Ireland warns the public that CashFX Group is operating without the proper authorization. They then go and show a list of all other companies that are doing the same. I guess they are not the only ones scamming people. They then explain how what this company is doing is a criminal offense. They also go onto explaining the legislation that talks about this topic. This is to warn people that if they deal with them, they are not eligible for compensation from the Investor Compensation Scheme. And they finish by telling people to call them if they want to contact them. Their number is (01) 224-4000.

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CashFX Group Latests News – South African Warning

Now, this one tells investors that CashFX is operating illegally in the UK. They urge investors to go to their website to find out exactly why they should be wary and how to protect themselves from these scams. Also, they inform investors about how they also need to be registered with them. Just like in most countries in the world. They go on to say that this scam is targeting UK residents, so that if something goes wrong most likely you won’t be able to get your money back.

Invest In Yourself

So, as you can see this really doesn’t look good at all for The CashFX Group. I really find it interesting how so many people defend these companies. Since I’ve had done a previous review on CashFX, I already got a lot of comments on my YouTube channel telling me how I’m wrong and how I should make a new video apologizing. It really makes me laugh so much lol. But what usually happens is that once time goes by and they end up getting scammed they become my biggest fans.

I really wished I could have a more convincing way show people the truth. But theses scammers do a pretty good job making you believe that they are legit. Specially these days people want to make fast money without putting any work. So here is the thing. Anyone can learn how to earn passive income online, but it won’t be easy. You will need to put in some hard work to get results. But the reality is that if you put in the work you will make it possible and it will be done legally. So in stead of wasting your money on these scams, why don’t you invest in yourself and learn real skills that will allow you to make money online?

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