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Hello friends! Thank you for being here. I will be sharing with you some of my thought about affiliate market. So, I did think this were a bunch of scams when I first looked into this industry. But in fact, it’s true in some case but not all the time. Also, just be aware if you come across one of this companies, that they actually teach what they preach. Make sure you know who runs it, check out their social media presence and don’t just sign in into something where you can’t find any backups. Because these are major important things to know when searching for the best affiliate sites.

Best Affiliate Sites

Which are the best affiliate sites? There are many affiliate sites on the internet. But the problem is that not many of them can provide with a good source of income. This is because the products that you might be able to sell don’t provide you high paying commissions. Here is why it’s crucial for you to get started with a high quality site. This is where ENTRE comes into place.

Other Affiliate Sites

You might have heard of being an affiliate for companies like Best Buy and things like that. Unless you can dial it on a good paying product, you might be good. I like to concentrate in learning how to get started selling other offers. In fact some of them can be courses. People are willing to pay thousands of dollars to join in a course. for example, if I am promoting this, I want to make sure that you are really providing true value to your customer, and not just selling a course for your profit. This is what will determine your true success.

“This Affiliate Is Too Good To Be True”

The truth is that there are many successful people that do this for a living. Some of them make millions, yes! I’m not exaggerating. Take a look at my affiliate market teacher. Jesse is himself an 8 figure earner and his online business keeps growing every day. It’s really up to you how far you want to take it and how much work you put into it. Click here to learn about the best affiliate site.

Sometimes it does sound too good to be  true, and yes, some scams will make it sound that is super easy and that you will make thousands of dollars in a week or a month without too much work, but there are a lot of very successful people that started from zero and got the right training and were able to make way over 100K per year, and even over 1 million per year.  This is totally doable if you put in the work and get the right training. Being part of the best affiliate site will make you grow financially in a massive way!

You might see some offers some times that say something in the lines of “How to make an extra $500, $1000 or even $5000 a week”. And for someone that doesn’t make much money might not sound legitimate. But the reality is that this is very possible with the right tools and taking the right steps. I love to make money by leveraging great tools. But at first you have to put in the hard work and set it up correctly.

“You Just Got Lucky”

This is not true. This people really spent the time to build their online businesses up, and sometimes they had downfalls.  But the secret is in not quitting. Even if you fail 100 times, you will win on your next attempt.  It’s all about perseverance and you can see that if you look at biographies of the most successful people on the planet. The you just got lucky saying has a lot wrong in it, believe me. People get there because they keep taking massive action and persist on their goals and eventually make success happen.

‘The Millionaire Shortcut’ by Jeff Lerner is the book that got me started in this journey. Go here and I will send you a free copy of his ebook. Make sure you enter your best email and you’ll get it right away. This is a very easy read and it right to the point. But another great book that I love is the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. I also have the audible app where you can listen to books. Sometimes they are not narrated by the author. But the 10X is narrated by Grant himself, and it will get you going!

“I Don’t Have Time For Affiliate Marketing”

Some people don’t see the internet as a legitimate way to making money. They see it more like some time to just spend on social media and messing around, but not like a real thing. They believe that you must have a regular job, like a 9 to 5. But the reality is that there are lot’s of people that work online and make millions of dollars every year. And it can be a very legit way to make money, but you just have to really get the best training and have access to the right tools to do it.

I’ve been guilty in the past for saying that I don’t have time like that to spend online, but now, let me share with you my new Youtube channel where I’m uploading videos almost every day:) and you can be doing this too right now! There is really no excuse for this. There is always a way to find out time to invest in yourself. And you can quit doing a lot of things like watching tv, watching the news, smoking, drinking, and many more.

Ways To Invest In Yourself

There are many ways to invest in yourself. We could start with the most important aspect which is your health. This is the key because the healthier and the better you feel, the more productive you will be. Quit eating unhealthy food and start eating better. Make sure you are working out on a daily basis. If you don’t do so yet, at least start by doing it 3 times a week. And then invest in some knowledge. For me, it was joining ENTRE and and reading Jeff’s ebook.

It is so important to have a good community to give you some support. Also, it’s paramount to make new good friendships that have big goals in mind so you can all support each other. And if you have bad friendships or if you are surrounded by negative people, it will have a massive effect on you. You might not be aware of it, but believe me, it will and it will stop you from achieving your goals. These are thing that I’ve recently applied to my life and this works guys!

About Me

My name is Andres Kindred. I used to work at a restaurant and have had other jobs that pay around the same in the past, but I felt stuck and really needed a change. At the same time, I was a struggling musician that barely made any money. But I started to look online and see options on how to make a real living working online. And I really believe this is the best affiliate site because it has changed my life drastically only in about 4-5 months since I joined and it’s the best decision that I’ve made in my life.

So, this is why I am writing this blog because I want to inspire and encourage people to look into this, anyone can do it! Also, let me share with you what I’ve done to embark in this new awesome journey. Take action now! Don’t wait any longer.

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See you at the top!

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