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Hello friends! Thank you so much for being here. Today I would love to share with you some beginners marketing tips for beginners. If you are here for the first time as I was a few months ago, you might be asking yourself what is email marketing. We use email marketing to collect emails from potential customers so that you can send them the offers or whatever you are trying to sell to them. The tool that we will be talking about today is Aweber.

Email Copywriting Marketing Tips

When talking about email copywriting tips the sky has no limits. Let’s talk about what is copywriting. What I’ve came to understand about this term is that copywriting is the ‘how’ you write these email. There is a lot that goes into it, but let’s dive a bit further. I love this tool so much and I believe you will too.

Cold Email Copywriting

What is cold email copywriting? Think of this one as being sort of half art and half science. This term ‘cold’ refers more to when you are sending emails to people that don’t really know who you are. So it might be more challenging to grab their attention but in might not be too hard if you do it right. For example, you are not going to write the same way to someone that might be a follower of yours on social media because they already know you. So you don’t really have to do that extra work to having them click on that offer

Buy Email Traffic Marketing Tips

You can buy email traffic when you are getting started. How this works is that you would go to a website such as Udimi. Here you can find vendors, so let me explain better on what this is. You are going to be purchasing emails from a vendor that has already build their own list throughout the years. They already have a large audience, so what you do is that you send them a link to your offer. They will send it to their audience. It’s important to find a vendor that is in your same niche. So ideally they will send your offer and these new audience will hopefully be interested in your offer. It’s really a great way to get started.

Email Marketing Tips And Techniques

Some beginners marketing tips and techniques require you to really think like a human being. Know how to write to your audience. For example, think of this random example. When you write an email to a friend, you might not even write the headline with capital letters, you will just keep it all simple. This kind of emails like this could be a good technique to try to grab someones attention. Be aware of all these human aspects of writing and don’t get to wrapped up in the technical aspect or grammar. They could sometime be more likely to open an email that looks like it came from a friend.

What Does Aweber Do

It’s important to learn and know what does Aweber do. Here are some more great beginners marketing tips. Aweber is an awesome tool that you need to get as soon as possible. Get started even with a free account and start experimenting with it. The idea behind Aweber is for you to collect emails and have the all organized in different ‘lists’ that you will have on your account. For example, I have a few lists that is about selling a course. So, it is the same product that I’m trying to sell, but the approach that I use for each audience is different.

The way that I would write about my offer in one list is different than the other list, because they are different audiences. It is best if you just get started with one list only and learn how to use that one list properly. Then, you can move one to start another list. Keep in mind that there are many different tools for you to use here in Aweber. One of the main ones is to learn how to create a campaign.

What Is An Email Marketing Campaign

What is an email marketing campaign is the best question you might ask yourself. These campaigns are pretty much a series of email that you will write. Keep in mind that Aweber has some templets that you can use to get started. Aweber is like an automated email responder but more advanced. Because you can schedule them however you want and have them sent any way you want to. This is super useful because you can send these series of emails to your subscribers. Find some more beginners marketing tips here. So, you cant’ imagine how you could do this one by one manually right? Please check out my Youtube video where I’ll show you how to do this watching my own computer screen:

Another really cool thing you can do in Aweber is to add ‘tags’ to your subscribers. So, what are tags? Tags are going to be something that you add at the end of a series. For example, when a particular subscriber has gone through all your email series, they will get ‘tagged’ and that way you will know that they have already gone through all the emails that you have sent them. It’s a really nice feature because then, you can just send personalized emails just to those people that have finished reading your campaign. This way you won’t send that email to people that are still going through your campaign. I love this tool so much.

Take Action Now

There are lots to learn on this topic, but if you follow me on Youtube I will share with you all that I’m learning every days as I go along in this awesome journey! You can do it too! You will achieve your goals. I recently was able to turn my life around from being a server at a restaurant to becoming an online dude. Let me share with you my good friend and mentor’s book ‘The Millionaire Shortcut’. Go here and I will send you a copy to your best email. This book is a very easy read and I promise you it will change your life as it did mine. This is the best decision that I’ve made in my life, I really mean this from all my heart and that’s why I want to share it with you.

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