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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for being here with me today, that really means so much to me. We are going to be talking about what are Aweber tags. But before that, I would love to share my mentor’s book with you. Go here and I will send you a copy to your email right away. This book has literally changed my life. I went from being a restaurant server to now being an online marketer. It is the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life! We’ll talk more about it, but let’s go back to Aweber. You might be asking yourself what are tags, just as I was a few month ago before I got started.

Today is a very special for me because I’ve been able to understand some new concepts about email marketing. I feel so much joy to be able to share this with you here in my blog. Always feel free to leave any comments here, or check out my Youtube channel and leave some question on the comments below my channel. By the way, I highly want to encourage to start your Youtube channel guys! It is a must and will help you so much in building your online business! Let’s get into some Aweber tags.

What Do You Mean By Aweber Tags

You might be asking yourself what do you mean by an Aweber tag. Think of tags as some sort of ‘mark’ that you would apply to your subscribers, so you know what it going on in your list. What is you list? The list is just your email list of your subscribers… And your subscribers are the people that sign in to your offer. You will have some sort of offer that you are trying to sell and have a ‘sign up form’ where you can collect emails. As time goes one, you will have lots of more subscribers! And that means more money for you!

Aweber Tag Example

Let me give you a very simple and easy example to get a good idea what these Aweber tags really are. First, lets talk about what is an email series. An email series are just a number of emails that you will send. You will set these emails to go out to your subscribers. You can also set them up so one gets send after the other. It could be every day, every 12 hours, or whatever you want. We also refer to these series a ‘campaign’ . Take a look at my video tutorial below:

They Got Tagged

Lets go back to our tags now. So, an Aweber tag would be that sort of ‘mark’ that you would give to your subscribers. So, for example, let’s say some of your subscribers have gotten all the email from your campaign. This means, that they went through all of them. Maybe you have a campaign that lasts 10 day, for example. This means that they got 1 email per day, and this is just an example. It can be anything you like and you can set them up however you want.

After they have gotten all these 10 email, then you can add a ‘tag’. These subscribers are going to get ‘tagged’ with this new ‘tag’. You can name this tag however you want. I would name it something like the name of your campaign and then add the word ‘done’. For example, if you are selling a dog training course you could name the tag ‘dog training course done’. Now, you know that every single person that got this ‘tag’ has already gone through your campaign.

Aweber Tags Are Used To

Now, this Aweber tag is used to send them a ‘broadcast’ for example. What is a broadcast? A broadcast is what some people call a ‘news letter’. This is pretty much something like the following example. Let’s say that your subscribers went through your ‘dog training campaign’, right? So, you added that tag that we talked about before. Now you know that these specific subscribers have finished your campaign, because they have that ‘dog training course done tag’. Are you with me? lol.

So what great about these tags is that now, I’ll be able to send a ‘broadcast’ just to those particular subscribers. This is so important because, as they finished going through you campaign, you might have some new subscribers entering the campaign, right? So this is the beauty of ‘tags’. Keep in mind that every single subscriber enters the campaign at a different time. Let’s say, someone joined you list yesterday, another one today, and so on. So, they will also be getting those email at different times. Tags are just awesome!

What Is Aweber Email List Building

Learning what is email list building is also super important as now we are tying things together. Building your list will happen as more people subscribe to your list. Keep in mind that you might have different lists, and this can be confusing as a beginner. I highly highly recommend for you to start with only one list and learn how to use it. There are so many things that you can do with one list only, including learning about the different uses of ‘tags’

Now that we know one way to use tags, lets talk about another way to use them. But before that, let’s be clear to not confuse our ‘list’ with our ‘campaign’. Your list is just the people that you have in that list. Your campaign is the offer that you are selling. It is the ‘dog training course’ series of emails. But for example, you could add a new campaign to those same subscribers after. Maybe now, you could send something like a ‘dog toys offer’ or something like that.

Aweber Tags Are A Beauty

These is where tags are a beauty again! Now, something you could do is to set both of these two campaigns together. Bothe the ‘dog training’ and your ‘dog toys’ campaigns. So you could use that same tag that we previously used. Remember it was our ‘dog training campaign done’? So what we can do now it to set up you new campaign (dog toys) so that it gets started using this tag.

How this will work is that you will start your new campaign with a trigger. What is a trigger? A trigger is pretty much like a ‘start’ button, or like an ‘on’ button. So, now, this new campaign with ‘start’ based on this ‘done’ tag. You can now set it up so that only the subscribers with this tag will start the new campaign. And there is much much more that you can do with tags guys! Aweber tags are just amazing. I’ve got some more awesome tips for you here.

My Best Advice For You

Don’t forget to get a copy of my mentors book book. Go here and I will send you a copy right away. As I mentioned, this book turned my life around from being a server to becoming an online marketer, and you can do it too! Take action now and ready this amazing book. It’s a very easy read and you will learn so much. This is the best decision I’ve ever made. You don’t have to settle for a 9 to 5 job, or any job where you are not happy and don’t make enough. Believe me, I was there not long ago. Now it’s all up to you, you can do this!

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