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Hello my friends! Today I’d love to share with you my knowledge about Aweber email marketing. Aweber is the best tool out there for you to collect your emails. This awesome tool can be a bit hard to start at first. So it’s better if you can get started just with one list. Let me just give you a bit of an explanation so you understand what is Aweber. If you are a new affiliate marketer, the idea is that you are trying to send emails to potential customers. So that they can potentially buy your offer. You want to get these potential buyers to ‘subscribe’ to your email list.

How do you do that? You can build a sales funnel, for example…. Or you could have some links to your offers off your social media platforms. But at some point you need to have some sort of ‘sign up form’ so you can collect their name and emails. So, with Aweber, you will be able to create a ‘campaign’. A campaign is pretty much a series of emails where you are trying to sell your product to your subscribers. You will have to get creative and write down a series of emails . Make your offers sound appealing to them. Here are some more awesome tips for you.

Aweber Cost

They will give you different options to pay and they will vary. As the internet is always evolving and changing all the time. But it’s roughly about fifty bucks every four months. Aweber cost should not concern you as much because they do provide an amazing service. You will have options to pay for the whole year. So you get a discount, and things like that. Keep in mind that the more subscribers you have the more you will pay. But don’t worry too much about it. Once you start getting better at it and making some good sales it will be nothing! They do have a new thing where you can have a free option. But you can only have up to one hundred subscribers. This could be a good option for you to get started and get some practice. Aweber email marketing is the way to go.

Aweber Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to what you can do as an affiliate marketer having this amazing tool. This tool is a must for affiliate marketing. There are many things that go into email marketing that you have to know to get started. Some people get discouraged after just a few months of getting started because they don’t make many sales, but this is not how it works. Build some trust and put yourself out there first. So, you need to invest some money maybe running some solo ads to start building your list and work on you organic traffic.

But the beauty of email marketing is that you might not make sales on your first emails, but eventually even after some months you can start having sales. Have you ever gotten emails about a certain product that you are interested buy didn’t buy it until you got a good amount of emails? I know this has happened to me! Email marketing works, but you have to learn about how to write your email. What’s great about Aweber is that you can create these series of emails and select how much time you want to wait in between, so Aweber sends them automatically.

Get Campaign First

Once your subscribers have received all the campaign, then you can send ‘broadcasts’. With Aweber email marketing you will be very successful. Broadcast are just emails that you will send after your subscribers have gone through all the series of previous email. Keep interacting with them after the have gone through your campaign. You will for sure make some sales if you keep email it. Think of it this way, just spend a couple of hours per week, not even, and just by writing a simple it can be of huge return!

Aweber Email Automation

Aweber email automation means that when a subscriber starts going through one of your campaigns, you can have them simultaneously going through another campaign. But if you are starting it is very well recommended that you just get started with only one list and learn how to master it. This might sound very simple for some of you, but guys, believe me, just handling one list can be very challenging because there are many things that you can do with only one list. One of them for example being able to create effective broadcasts and monitoring what are your open rates and click rates.

As I’ve mentioned, there are lot’s of technicalities that go into email marketing, like for example ‘tagging’ . This is another concept where you can add a ‘tag’ at the end of a series of emails, so that you can target specific subscribers that have gone already through a particular list. That way you could send a ‘broadcast’ to only those who have gone through the whole series. You don’t wanna be broadcasting to subscribers that are still going through you series because it’s gonna create some confusion on their part.

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