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Hello my online friends! Thank you so much for being here as I’ll be sharing some awesome value. Because Aweber autoresponder is an amazing tool that will help you grow you new online business. So Before we start, let me give you a copy of ‘The Millionaire Shortcut’ . This book turned my life around. So, go here and I’ll send you a copy to your email right away. In fact, thanks to this book by my mentor Jeff Lerner, I’ve been able to start my awesome new life. I do want to share it with you because I can attest to my personal experience with it. Although I’m not a millionaire yet, I am very well on my way there and you can be too!

Just to give you a bit of an idea, I used to work as a server at a restaurant. But because I came across this amazing book ‘The Millionaire Shortcut’, my life has taken a massive change. It is so great to be able to share my in-real time experience right here in my blog. But also, please check out my new Youtube channel . Just take a look an my first video versus the latest one, and you can see the massive improvement. You can be doing this too today! You might be a bit shy, but just take action. Believe me, once you do the first one, that’s all it takes. You will just keep improving every day and it’s an awesome feeling!

Aweber Affiliate Marketing

Aweber is such an amazing tool that will get you email marketing rocking! No matter what business you are trying to build you need a good email tool like this one. In fact, Aweber affiliate marketing is the route that I’ve taken as I’m an affiliate marketer. But not only that guys, this is why I love to write my blogs. I want to give you some inspiration to get all of your games going! You need to get started with your Youtube channel, your blog and get all of your social medias going! Post on a daily basis on all of them. Get yourself out there, get exposed and take action!

The whole point of learning and getting good ad email marketing is for you to make sales. This will be of amazing help once you get started as an affiliate marketer. the Aweber autoresponder has some really good templates for you to get started. A template is an example of a pre-written email that looks like something that you would write. This email will be sent to your subscribers and these templets will be of huge help for you. They also have templates of ‘campaigns’. Let me share with you some some more in depth aspects in my video below:

Aweber Campaigns

Aweber campaigns are a series of emails that are already designed for you to use. Its a good way to get started. Email marketing is a whole art by itself. The more you look at these templates, the more ideas you will have. This way you will get better and better every day and start creating your own emails. You want to talk to your subscribers as a real person. Make sure you sound like a human being and not too too salesy. Here are some more awesome tips.

Get them to know you and have something that you believe in. For example, any offer that I personally do, I believe in it. The more true you are to yourself the more success you will have. You will come across as being genuine and really providing a solution for your subscribers problem. We are here to help people and make sure they get the solution that they are looking for. That’s the whole point of being a great entrepreneur, right?

Aweber Autoresponder eEmail Campaign

Knowing how to write an email campaign is an amazing fun process. Like everything else, the more you do it the better you will get. Remember that the most important thing is to take action and write your first email! You can get started with using the Aweber templates. But eventually you want to write down you own emails. Again, the more you do it the more comfortable you will be and you’ll be an expert in no time!

Another great thing you can do is to sign up for other peoples email lists. What I mean by this is this: Go to someone that you like in their niche and subscribe to their email list. That way you can get the emails from them and see how they write them. This is a great way to start also. Not only you will learn how to write great email, but also you will learn about that particular niche that you are interested in.

Aweber Autoresponder Live Chat

Aweber live chat is amazing! Once you sign up with them, you will have access to a 24/7 live chat with real people! I know, these days can be hard sometimes to actually talk to a real person an not a machine. But they are amazing and super knowledgable. You can call them on the phone also if you prefer, but the chat is a great tool to have. I personally chat with them a few times a week and sometimes even every day! Because there is so much to learn about Aweber. Take action now!

Even if you have to be on the chat for an hour it’s ok. Their representative are really there to help you out. My experience has been amazing with them and I’ve learn so much with each of those calls or chats. They are super friendly too, it’s kind of too good to be true to be honest! They really make sure that you get your answers resolved and will walk you through step by step on anything you need. Keep in mind that you can join the Aweber autoresponder for free to start!

Aweber And Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a great platform where you can create your sales funnels and landing pages. What are these funnels and landing pagers? Sales funnels will be something like this. Your potential customer is watching a screen on their computer. This is screen will display your offer. That is where they would insert their email and name. Now they are subscribed to your Aweber because of this page that you created.

A landing page is sort of the same as a sales funnel, but not necessarily. A landing page pretty much means what it says. It’s that page where your customer lands. It is very important and you want to have a very good impression on their first experience to your offer. What’s amazing is that now you can be doing this pages in Aweber also! Check out my tutorials in my Youtube channel to get a good visual idea.

Don’t forget to get your copy of ‘The Millionaire Shortcut’. Go here right now so I can send it to your email. It is my gift for you. It will change your life guys, I say this from my personal experience. I’m so happy to not work at a restaurant anymore. I decided to take action and become my own boss. I promise you guys, you can do this too! It doesn’t require any college, all you need is the will to do it! Now go, record yourself and post in on social media and your Youtube! You don’t need to spend any money for this, all you need is some inspiration and energy!

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