Aqua Goat Review

aqua goat review
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Hello my friends! Thank you for being here with me today at my Aqua Goat review. Tons of people have been talking about it. So I decided to take a good look at it since they just launched in April. So I’m here to tell you if it is legit or not. They are claiming that it will hit 100X. Will this happen? Let’s take a look at my Aqua Goat review then.

So when we look at this coin as I mentioned, it was first launched by an Australian developer on April 7, 2021. We do not know his name as of now. But what I did find out is the names of their team. They are Patrick (Project Manager), Cody (Risk and Compliance), Jhenehl (Charity and Outreach), Shahar (Outreach), Stephan (Project Manager), Mariel (Marketing), and Eddie (Marketing). What I didn’t like is that they don’t mention any last names. I also looked them up on social media, put they are nowhere to be found. So we have some people over here, but we don’t really know who they are.

Aqua Goat Review – What Is This Company About?

So what is this company all about? Well, they are an eco-coin with a mission of preserving the nature. More specifically keeping the rivers and oceans clean from any pollution. They make all their decisions as a community. So they want to find people that have this mission.

Aqua coin is a yield-generating cryptocurrency in which members can earn interest coming from the network’s activities. At the same time, this activities will be benefiting the nature through other charitable partnerships. What I do like about this so far is that the cause if a very good cause.

How safe is Aqua coin? The truth is that there is always going to be some risk involved when you invest in cryptocurrency. But even more when it’s a brand new cryptocurrency like this one. So I would consider these types of coins a high-risk coin. I say this because we don’t really know what they will be doing if the future. You just really have to watch the markets the best you can and see where it’s going every single day. For example, if you see the media talking about it, that could actually be a good thing. Let’s continue with my Aqua Goat review.


So I would say this coin is somewhat safe when it comes to liquidity tokens because they are fully burned. But when it comes to the value, is it really going to 100X? We don’t really know, that would be the billion dollar question! So overall you won’t lose your coin, but the unsafe side would be you losing your initial investment. I mean, this is really part of the game when it comes down to these kinds of investments.

Now, talking about their price and demand, this coin initially started way below $0.00000001 and with a market cap of 24 million 700 hundred. But now, checking out these numbers as of today, they are a lot higher. It is at around 263 million. So it is definitely going up. Let’s take a look at this chart:

This is relatively new, so this usually happens when we see new coins come out to the market. Specially when there is some sort of coverage out there. I’ve seen some coverage about it, but nothing big yet in mayor news outlets. But it is going the right direction for sure. Let’s continue with my Aqua Goat review.

How To Buy

So how can you buy this coin? All you need is to download your TrustWallet. You need to make sure you set up your TrustWallet the right way. Then you need to purchase Smart Chain BNB by using the ‘buy’ option. What you can do is to buy BNB and then convert it to Smart Chain BNB. After this you can enable the TrustWallet D App browser if you use Apple (trust://browser_enable) If you have an android you don’t need to do this. Then you’ll go to Pancake Swap where you get a lot of these types of coins. Make sure you click on ‘connect’ on the top right corner. Now, because this is not really on their exchange yet, you will need to put this long code on the token field: 0x0Fe3e956D2034BCEF01FbA8A2BfCA389cdb72699 Make sure you hit ‘add’.

So what we are really doing here is converting BNB into this new format if you will. You might have bought ‘Safemoon’ lately, so it will be sort of like the same thing. Then next step will be to adjust your slippage to six percent or more. Where there is a higher volume it advises you to set it higher. Because if your slippage is to low, your ‘gas’ is going to get spend but no transactions made. After this you want to press ‘max’ or just put in whatever BNB you would like to ‘swap’ to the Aqua Goat. Then just hit ‘swap’ but make sure that you have at least 0.1 BNB inside your wallet for the ‘gas’ transactions.

My Recommendation

Now you just want to hold on to it. And really follow the trends the best you can. When you see those small dips that when you want to buy. Because it will go up right after those small dips as shown in the chart.

So guys, I think this can be a good opportunity, but I’m not giving you any financial advice. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Don’t go an get loans and stuff like that for this. As good as this seems to be going right now, there is a chance that it could collapse at any moment. But I do think that this could 100X. Just make sure once you make enough money to start converting it to a more stable stable cryptocurrency. So it seem like a good project and I really like their mission behind it. So this is not a scam. It’s nothing that is going to disappear from one day to another like I’ve seen before.

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