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Hello online friends! Thank you for being here with me. The 10X success book is a must for you to become successful. I made this review just for you. This is a review for chapters 5 and 6, but please check out my other reviews for the other chapters. We will be talking about being successful. I really mean the real successful, and not what most of the masses think of it. Some might think that being successful is somehow a middle class status or even being rich.

But, we are talking about big goals. Think of it as someone having a goal of reaching other planets and opening up parks where you can fly over. Now, that is what we are talking about! The 10x success will change your life. I have adopted this concept for my life. I took action and so can you. You will be so glad you did.

10X Success Mentality

Being successful is not the kind of mentality which most of us have been guilty of. Including myself, I used to think that we should do what society teaches us to do. For example, you would first go to school and finish high school. Ok, nothing wrong with that. But our minds are being shaped a certain way while we go to school during these year.

Then, we are supposed to go to college. Apply for a loan that in most cases leave us with a lot of debt. Then, after that, you would find a job in that field. A lot of the times a lot of people wont’ be able to do this. I was able to do it myself and so can you. You can take action right now. Don’t wait any longer.

Get Married… Buy A House…

After all of these things that we are taught to be the right things to do then we move on to the next step. Get married, buy a house… Here comes more debt… Have kids…. Nothing wrong with the family part, in fact that is great! But you see whee I’m getting at. They never teach us in high school to dream big, like the goal of reaching other planets and things like that. That is why we are here changing our mentality with this awesome 10X success book!

But before we get more into it, I want to share with you that I did learn about this book thanks to my mentor Jeff Lerner. Thanks to him I am now on my way to achieve my big goals, one of them becoming a millionaire! And you can do it too. Jeff’s book is really the reason that got me going. Go here and I will send you a copy to your email right away. This book will change your life and will change your mentality as it did mine!

10X Success Has No Limits

One thing that a lot of people thing about is competition when it comes down to success. But the reality is that success has no limits. This happens a lot when we come from an employee kind of mentality. I used to work at a restaurant and I would always see this happening. If someone gets fired, that is an opportunity for someone else to take over. But this is not how it works for real successful people. The fact that someone is making it super big its ok. It will not take away my opportunity to make it big, because there is always a lot of room for me to grow. You have all the potential to do this today. You can be your own boss.

10X Success Inspiration

I’m hoping that you are getting inspired here to take action and become your own boss! For example, lets say you get started today with your blog and your Youtube channel. That’s awesome! Let’s say, in a few months from now, I see that you are having a lot of more views that I have, and a lot of more followers than me. That is great! I will celebrate your success and learn from you, so I can improve my game. But there is still a lot of room for me to improve and grow, you see how this works? Take a look at my Youtube channel and get some more inspiration. I’d love to see you get started!

Competition Is Healthy?

We have been taught that competition is healthy but I strongly disagree as well as Grant. This is the notion that someone has to lose and someone will win. You see? In our new world of success, this will not be the case. Someone else wining is not going to take away from my success. This is the kind of ideas that politicians will put out there. For example, one party will win and the other lose. In stead of both winning with the best ideas from both.

That’s how we good entrepreneurs achieve success, buy implementing these awesome teachings from Grant. 10X success is my new lifestyle. I love this book so much. Grant is a real leader in this field. Win or lose might be true in a chess game or some sport game, but not in success. Responsibility is a very powerful concept for us to embrace guys, and we will succeed in massive ways if we embrace this concept.

Grant’s 10X Success

That is how Grant has achieved his goals. To this day, he is still growing and growing every day because this is the 10X success mentality. This ‘shortages of success’ are myths and are manufactured. Politicians will always play that game. They will tell us how they have the solution but not the other party. But in reality the solutions are always there available for all of us. I am showing you here how to achieve it. You will start living an amazing life. It will be the best decision in your life. This book will guide you towards true success. Implement theses teaching and you will get anything you want. Grant is just an amazing human being.

10X Success- Assume Control Of

We have to assume control of… Everything! That’s right guys! And I’ll start by giving you an example. Lets say, you just got rear ended while driving . The person behind you it’s really at fault, right? No! It is your responsibility. You could have left your home earlier. You could have been more proactive in the way you were driving. We could have taken a different route. We are responsible for everything that happens to us. I know this is a bit shocking for most of us, and might be hard to grasp.

But, believe me, if you can adopt this mentality in life you will make it huge! I chose to live like this. I am now my own boss. Grant Cardone is a true life mentor. Grant’s teachings will just push you so hard in life. You must adopt responsibility even for those things that appear not to have control over. Whether you are in control or not, you will still elect to claim responsibility. So that will make you take action so that this wont happen next time.

Behind The 10X Success Idea

I think by now you are getting the point of this new awesome mentality that we must adopt. I’m not saying its easy, but you can do it. Get Grant’s audibles so that you can listen to him while you drive. More amazing value for you here. I love this new lifestyle and you can adopt it too starting today. Grant will get you going so hard. No one will keep up with you.

Don’t forget to get you copy of ‘The Millionaire Shortcut’ by my mentor Jeff. This is what made me embark in this new path of life and I’m hoping you do it too! You will learn so much. Thanks to Jeff I got introduced to Grant and many other amazing people like Mel Robbins. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel as I’ll be posting lots of value for you all the time! I have tons of value for you here. You will learn so much over there.

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