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Hello friends! The 10X book is like my Bible and it will be of so much value to you to become a successful entrepreneur, I promise you. It’s name is the 10X Rule, but I like to call it the ten X 🙂 This book has literally changed my life and it can change yours too. Embrace the 10X meaning and you will achieve any goals, no matter how big they are. I used to work at a restaurant and got unemployed a few months ago, and decided to look into how to make money online as I became unemployed, but here I am sharing my advances with you and let you know that you can do it too 🙂

No matter where you are right now you can become a successful online guy or girl :)Before we get into it, I need to tell it was Jeff Lerner that introduced my to Grant Cardone. Go here and I’ll send it to you right away. Make sure you put in your best email. This book has turned my life around from being a server at a restaurant to now having my own online business. And you can do it too! Jeff is also my good friend now and my mentor. Don’t forget to check out his podcast where he has Grant as his guest!

What Is The 10X Meaning

The whole idea of the 10X rule is this. Whatever you goals are, you have to make them 10 times bigger. What is the meaning of 10X is something totally attributed to Grant Cardone. Whatever your financial goal is, for example, if you are aiming to make 10K per month, you have to make it 100K per month. It’s very important to start with very high goals in your mind.

At the same time, the 10X rule is about whatever hard work you are doing to achieve it, you have to 10X that as well….Let’s say, you are posting on social media 1 per day, now you will post 10 times per day. If you are making 5 call per hour to your customers to try to sell your product, now you will make 30 calls…. You get the point. No more 20 push ups a day, now you are doing 100 pushups per day. You have to apply this to every aspect in your life.

The 4 Degrees Of Action

Grant talks about the 4 Degrees of Action in this first part of the book. What theses are are levels of actions that most people take. Starting with the first one, is the people that do nothing. They just settle for the day to day and don’t take any action to better themselves or improve their lives. I’ve been there before, so I don’t blame anyone. The second one is people that do take the action but then they retrieve. They give up after trying. The third one people that take normal actions, this would be more like the middle-class in general. Take average actions because that’s what society teaches us, like, you go to college, get married, have kids and retire… The fourth is taking massive action, this is the 10X and that’s where you should strive to be.

Competition And It’s 10X Meaning

He also talks about competition versus domination. Competition is not the way to go. Competition is more like for sports and chess games, but in the market you want to dominate, you want to be the space. Success of other people should be as a good thing, because there is no shortage of success. In stead look for what they are doing and learn from it and make it better. The fact that someone is succeeding doesn’t prevent me to succeed. This is a huge switch of mentality that you have to embrace, which a lot of the times coming from an employee experience could be hard to do, but this is why we are doing this, right? We are becoming our own bosses, but we have to take 10X level actions!

True Success Meaning

One other really cool concept that Grant talks about is what the word ‘success’ meant back in the day. It actually meant to take over the throne! Now we kind of see it as just having a good paying job and a steady live…I guess… But we have to embrace this word for what it really means and apply it to our lives! Lets strive to be successful in life but with the real meaning. Something that you should be doing is to listen to this audible every day, when you are driving, working out, whatever you are doing, just keep listening to it, not just listen to it once and then you are done.

I started listening to this audible about 5 months ago and listen to it almost every day and still learn something new every day! That is the way you are really going to grasp this concept and start making the necessary changes to your life. Anyone can do it if they are willing, I know I am…are you? I hope so, let’s do this! Embracing the 10X meaning will make you perform at massive levels. Please check out my video below where I do a more in depth review and let me share with you my new lifestyle and let me share with you all that I’ve learned in this last couple of months, it will be of such much value to you as I share my in-real-time experience as I’m doing it myself 🙂 Enjoy the other chapters right here.

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