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Hello guys! Thanks so much for being here. As you might know, this amazing book will change your life if you embrace the content of it. The 10X book will transform your thinking is such a massive way. I personally used to work at a restaurant and had a mentality of being a server for the rest of my life. But, thanks to this book I decided to become my own boss. I started my own online business. Before we get into it I also want to send you a free copy of my mentors ebook. Go here and I will send it to you right away. He is the one that introduced me to this amazing world!

So I want to inspire you to do the same! Know that any goals that you have are achievable, but you have to really emerge yourself in this book. Grant Cardone has been such an amazing inspiration. So I’m hoping he can have that same impact he had one me on you. The 10X Book will change your life. Please check out my video below and subscribe to my Youtube channel. I’m always uploading amazing content of much value for your entrepreneurial new life!

10X Book In Simple Words- Success

Success can have different meanings depending on your views in life and also depending on your culture in general. Here we will talk about what is success in simple words. Success used to be a more powerful word hundreds of years ago, when it meant something more in the lines of taking over the throne… We are talking kings and queens and stuff like that. But these days, we tend to refer as it as someone that is living the American dream for example.

So, let’s say, you go to college, graduate, buy a house, get married… Have a good paying job and retire… Stuff like that. But what Grant teaches us in this chapter of the 10X book is this. The word success has been lowered down so much that society teaches us since we are kids. They never really teach us on school how to dream big. Like, let’s say… I want to invent a car that will travel through the universe! Stuff like that, that’s how Grant wants us to think, and I’m doing it and hoping you do it too!

10X Successful In Life

We want to make sure that we apply this concept not just to the money aspect. Being successful in life means to be successful in your health and your personal relationships also. You want to be happy with who you are. And have peace in within you. Have a purpose of why you are doing things. Let’s say, me personally, when I become a millionaire I’ll make sure to donate money to good causes. Such as my church, cancer research and things like that. Get started today with the 10X book.

Your relationships are so important for success. Because if you have bad friendships it will affect you. Believe me. I’ve been there and I decided to cut off those friendships of of my life and it has worked amazingly! I also quit smoking and drinking and I cant’ say enough how much better it feels, and you can do it too if you happen to be there. It’s all about the mindset, you can just quit doing whatever is not positive in your life with your mind, believe me, it is possible.

10X Book Success Is Important

Three very important points that Grant mentions are that success is important, success is my duty and that there is no shortage of success. We need to set our goals BIG! It is a big mistake to start with attainable goals. For example, I do want to go back my previous example and elaborate. If I was in the tech industry I would have a goal in the lines of being able to go to the planet Jupiter and set up a station over there, and really make that as my goal.

I’m not going to set up a goal of just creating the machine that will achieve this, but I have to picture in my head being there already and having people over there living their lives and have this big mental picture, that’s how you do it. If you have those big targets it will keep you going pushing hard. Because even if you don’t achieve them in this life, you will achieve very big goals that are more than reasonable.

Don’t Let Them Bring You Down

When you start to think massive and applying the 10X book, you will run into people that will give you the wrong advice. Don’t let them bring you down. Because they might not be telling you the wrong advice with a bad intention, although some people will have a bad intention. The thing is that once you start thinking like this, some people are going to see these thinking like not being realistic. Could be your family members for example.

A great example is when we are kids and sometimes some of us might have had a big dream that our parents didn’t agree with. This is because of what I talked earlier about society teaching us how we should live. It’a about that idea of how you are supposed to be an employee and that kind of mentality. But that’s why we are here with Grant, to brake away from that thinking and adopt the 10X thinking, are you loving this already?

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I would love to invite you to please subscribe my channel on Youtube. I’ll give you some inspiration how the 10X Rule has made me turned my life around. Check out one of my latests blogs here. I quit my restaurant job as a server and now I’m an online marketer. Still learning a lot, but just take a look at my first video versus my most recent upload. And you will see what you could be doing right now also! I know that if I keep pushing as I’ve been doing for the past months since I got started that I will achieve my dreams, one of them becoming a millionaire and you can do it too! Don’t ever let anyone bring you down.

One amazing example that I like is the one of the founder of Walt Disney. He got laughed at when he was trying to get a loan to start his project. You know? He had this ideas of this amazing park. Where families would come from all over the world and have all this amazing games and mini cities and all that… But he never gave up and finally got his loan, and now look at Disney. People form all over the world dream to go there every year. So, YES! You can achieve this kind of dream. No matter where you come from and you don’t have to come from a rich family, just now that.

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